6 Winter Rugby Essentials

6 Winter Rugby Essentials

Whether you’re a player or a supporter, winter rugby can really test your mettle as a human being, especially when the cold weather hits.

So here’s 6 winter rugby essentials that will help you keep the warmth in, and the cold out.

Base layers

Available as long-sleeve tops, leggings or shorts, base layers act as a second skin - providing an extra layer of warmth while, at the same time, absorbing and removing sweat to keep you comfortable on the move.

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Contact top

One of the most popular bits of training wear, the Contact Top really excels in the winter months due to the protection it offers against the elements. Wind-proof and waterproof, it’ll keep you dry and protected during any session.

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Known as a second-layer, the midlayer offers an extra layer of insulation from the cold. Often worn over a base layer or thin first-layer, the midlayer is versatile enough to be worn under a jacket or contact top too, depending on the temperature.

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Subs Jacket

The subs jacket is a behemoth; it’s a jacket that offers unparalleled comfort and protection in the coldest of rugby conditions. When the temperature drops and the wind is biting, those wearing one of these are the envy of the stands - and that’s no exaggeration.

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Hybrid Jacket

This jacket is one for the fashionistas - it’s a mixture of fashion and function. It won’t keep you warm when temperatures really plummet but with the right accessories and under-layers, it’s a definite winner.

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Bobble hat

It’s the thing you always knew you needed but never wanted to buy, until it’s -1 on a Sunday morning and you’re on the sidelines losing face to the weather. For less than £15, you can’t go wrong.

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