Buying a rugby mouth guard

Buying a rugby mouth guard

Whilst it is not mandatory to wear a mouth guard while playing rugby, the RFU and most clubs will insist that players use one at all times for general safeguarding. The probability of taking a whack to the mouth on at least one occasion is very high, and a mouth guard will dramatically reduce the chances of damage or injury.

Our supplier of choice for mouth guard protection is OPRO due largely to their reputation within the field, their support of England Rugby and Wales Rugby Union, and the dentist-level protection they offer.

Broadly speaking there are three main types of mouth guard within the OPRO range. These include:

  • Snap-fit (fixed)
  • Self-fit (mouldable)
  • Custom-fit (premium mouldable)

Snap-fit (fixed) is hugely popular because of the price and convenience but offers the least protection and comfort to the player. It’s a simple ‘pop-n-go’ mouth guard, with no need for boiling or moulding. It’s often the product of choice for players who rock up to a game and realise their moulded mouth guard is still at home…

We would never recommend a snap-fit mouth guard for long-term use, but as a back-up, it’s normally top of our list of suggested purchases. Grab one and leave it in your kit bag, ‘just in case’. There’s nothing worse than going into a game or training session without basic protection - so the snap-fit mouth guard is perfect to fill that void.

A self-fit (mouldable) mouth guard is the general standard. These allow the player to mould the mouth guard to their teeth and mouth for added comfort and protection. The benefit of a self-fit guard is a lot to do with fit and comfort. With a mould, provided it is moulded correctly, there is less chance of the mouth guard coming loose or falling out during play - so you can focus on the game with more confidence.

Here is a summary of the protection offered within the self-fit range:




Bronze Self-Fit

Level 2

Single layer construction

Silver Self-Fit

Level 3

Impact-resistant dual layer construction

Gold Self-Fit

Level 4 - best seller

Ultra impact-resistant dual layer construction

Platinum Self-Fit

Level 5

Superior comfort, ultra impact-resistant dual layer construction

A custom-fit (premium mouldable) mouth guard is a new revolutionary patented offering that boasts easier fitting with better protection and overall comfort. The triple-layer construction offers the highest level of performance and protection available on the market, bar none.

So depending on the available budget and level of protection required, there is an option for everyone. The Gold Self-Fit category is our best-seller, generally, but it’s a personal choice. We normally recommend Silver as an entry level of protection, and the further you go up the scale, the greater the level of comfort and protection you can expect.

As an OPRO customer, your mouth guard comes with a Dental Warranty. If purchasing through RBX Rugby, you’ll need to register your purchase to qualify. You can do so here:


For more information on the OPRO Dental Warranty T’s & C’s, read this: OPRO Dental Warranty Terms & Conditions

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