Transforming the rugby club shop experience across the South East

Transforming the rugby club shop experience across the South East

With a background in retail and a passion for rugby, we’re loving the opportunity of working with ambitious and forward-thinking clubs to help transform the club shop experience for rugby players and fans.

In a sport as community-focused as rugby, it’s incredible how much a shop can support the ecology of a club, for players, visiting teams and supporters.

Unfortunately, in many cases the club shop is an afterthought. Quite often it’s a cupboard opened on match days for a few hours. In some cases, it’s not opened at all - and that’s a huge disservice to everyone.

An operational shop, fully stocked, managed and open for business can be an absolute game-changer. It offers massive convenience, choice and accessibility to a community that is often underserved but in need of vital kit and supplies for match days and training.

If your club has regular gates on match days and a thriving junior membership, a club shop is a no-brainer. It’s an opportunity to generate much-needed revenue that can be reinvested into initiatives to push the club forward; such as player wages, equipment, infrastructure, travel or general club costs.

We help to transform club shops through our retail & digital expertise - making things more accessible, efficient and professional. We make sure the shop is open more frequently, at the most relevant times. We make buying easier with in-store, online purchases and click & collect options available. Plus we offer a wider choice for the consumer - meaning the club sells more kit and rugby folk have access to the clothing and accessories they need throughout the season.

Traditionally, club shops are managed by volunteers or run as a part-time enterprise and whilst intentions are good, the reality is the shop never quite delivers against expectations because the vision is weak and the commitment waivers.

If you’d like to do more with your club shop, or simply have a conversation about what you could be doing better, we’re always available and happy to chat. There’s never any obligation - just an eagerness from us to see your club maximising its potential.

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